Welcome to The Zen Den

Delaware's Most Amazing Massage Studio!

226 West Park Place Suite 1A Newark, Delaware 19711 302.373.8334

The Zen Den has the massage
you've been kneading!

With a combined 20+ years of hands-on practical experience, we are two therapists who are excellent at what we do.
We cover the full array of soft tissue modalities with knowledge to back it up!
Injury, stress, chronic pain, relaxation, you name it!
Be confident that a massage at The Zen Den is money well spent, you are in good hands here!
We are a compassionate, cozy and quiet studio solely dedicated to easing your pain and stress.
No salon setting, no hair no nails no chit chatter, just massage. It is truly amazing here!
Call to schedule! 302.373.8334 or
Email ZenDenNewark@gmail.com

Massage Hours: (By Appointment)
Monday-Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 9am-2pm
Closed Sunday

Here's what our clients are
saying about us!

"If you care anything about how you feel, then you'll make it a priority to be here." -Pete T.

"This is fast becoming an island of quiet in a world of noise." -Katherine V.

Managing temporary and chronic pain begins with a non-invasive and effective first line of defense...

& Soft Tissue Manipulation

Tight muscles pull on achy joints that throw off your postural balance so your gait changes and your hips twist and you sleep poorly and those headaches seem to return.... You get the cycle... Spend some quality time on the massage table and let us assess and correct these imbalances, restore your center, and allow you to reconnect your mind with your hard working body. It seems so simple to heal with a massage, and that's the beauty of it. Before you adopt a pharmaceutical regimen, before you accept that you're 'just getting older,' add us to your first line healthcare team and see how the power of skilled, professional, therapeutic bodywork can restore your power in life.

Hello 2015!!!

Make this Your BEST Year Ever! 

Leave behind 2014 and any unnecessary stress

by scheduling a massage. 

You work hard, YOU DESERVE THIS!