Dear Jenn,

Thanks for being such an important, helpful, enlightening, fun and skillful part of my life. -JA

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I'm a Massachusetts/ South Carolina/Montana hybrid. I like wild spaces, good food and dogs. I have been licensed and practicing in this location for 14 years with clients ranging from 8 months to 94 years. Their needs are vast and varied with a wide assortment of causes. Whether you have stiffness from a sedentary job or lifestyle, chronic pain from Fibromyalgia or old injuries, IBS, acid reflux, fertility challenges, migraines, TMJ or just an indescribable malaise within, chances are I can help improve your functioning. I work slowly and methodically to determine the source of your pain and stress and aim to resolve it using a varied range of styles. My goals are to gain length in shortened muscle and connective tissue and create space in tight and restricted areas of your body. That can mean a million things to a million different people. My style is thorough, with a firm medium pressure. You will leave grounded, open and spacious. And you'll want to come back.