Massage Policies

We schedule your appointment for you specifically, so if you cannot make it please call 24 hours prior to your appointment time to reschedule.

Please call the office if you will be arriving late. If arriving 15 minutes or later, your appointment may be subject to cancellation/rescheduling or if you receive a shorter massage due to your lateness, you will still be held responsible to pay for the original massage time scheduled.

A credit card number will be held for new clients and/or same day scheduling.  We will charge 50% of the appointment fee for not showing to your appointment.  Appointments scheduled for the same day that they are made, are subjected to the full fee charged for not showing or canceling.

We reserve the right to collect payment for appointments canceled in less than 24 hours of the appointment time.

We understand that we can all get frazzled in the world with work, school, kids, LIFE!!! If you are unsure of your appointment time/date, just call! We will be more than happy to confirm the time scheduled with you!

Expired Gift Certificates will lose $5 value every month past expiration and are only redeemable for the paid value amount.  (Please see Gift Certificate tab for all Policies)

Please be aware that if you call and do not leave a message, we will not return your call. During the day we are in and out of massage appointments and can not always answer the phone.  So please leave a message and we will call you back.  Please do not text the office line, it does not receive text messages, which means we do not receive them.

You are more than welcome to email us about questions and scheduling.  ZenDenNewark@Gmail.com

We will contact you as soon as severe weather (severe thunderstorms, blizzards, etc) becomes an issue with your appointment time to reschedule. Unless you are contacted, your appointment will remain as is. If you are uncomfortable with any weather conditions that may be pending in the forecast, please contact us within 24 hours of your appointment to reschedule. The normal cancellation/rescheduling policies will still remain in effect in that case. 

There is no phone usage allowed in The Zen Den, especially in the massage room. Silence or turn off your phone while in The Zen Den.  Please wait until you leave to check your voicemail or return calls. 

We have a zero tolerance policy for any unlawful comments, acts, or innuendos.

Thank you!