Gift Certificates

Did you receive a gift certificate from someone awesome? Nice! Do us a favor, and check to see who will be your therapist- either Jamie or Jennifer. Please distinguish when calling, or leaving a voicemail. Chances are that you have our direct line on the card. Easy!

***Here's how to purchase one***

Since we are a "by appointment" business we recommend calling us to set up a time to swing by if you 

cannot make it during our Holiday Open Office Hours.

This way we don't miss you if we are not there or are in a massage.

If you are out of state and purchasing a Gift Certificate for someone,

we can mail it directly to the recipient or to you (there is a $5 additional fee for over the phone transactions).

We can take a credit card over the phone, or CC, cash and check in office. It's easy!

***Gift Certificate Policies***

Gift Certificates promotional value expire after one year to date purchased. 

The value paid may be redeemed after one year.  For each month after the one year date $5 will be

subtracted from the value of the gift certificate.

Purchases made over the phone are to add a $5 transaction fee.

Did you purchase a gift certificate for your favorite person?  Are they reluctant to use it? 

YES, our gift certificates are transferable.  Someone should use it and not let it go to waste!

(Hopefully it's YOU!)