Jennifer Myers, LMT

A little background info:  I'm a Massachusetts/South Carolina/Montana/Vermont hybrid, imported to Delaware by my husband of 10 years.  I'm a mountain mama, a deep listener, a fierce defender of the things on this earth that are wild.  I try to navigate this life with a positive mind, a sense of humor and a deep belief that there is tremendous good in the world.

Massage Therapy and the art of healing have been platforms that come naturally to me.  I opened up my own studio, Center Yourself Massage in 2004 while still attending Deep Muscle Therapy School. I worked at Iron Hill Brewery for almost 10 years before, during and after, and built my clientele from the ground up.  I currently work with people ages 10-92, with a vast array of conditions and help each of them live more comfortably in their own bodies.

Every body has an innate ability to heal. It gets masked in stress, our commutes, our lifestyles, our diets, our emotions.  It is my sole purpose, beyond easing tight muscles and soothing overworked bodies, to awaken that ability in you.

Come see me if you have muscle tightness and tension. Come to me if you have chronic pain and headaches. Schedule a massage with me if you feel like you could be better in your own skin, but aren't sure exactly what the problem is. I work with migraines, IBS, infertility, TMJ, depression, overuse injuries. I work slowly and methodically to determine the source of your pain and stress and aim to resolve it using a varied range of styles.

Those that come see me always come back. A trusted and talented Massage Therapist in your life can improve the quality of your living.  Read what my clients have to say...

Thank you for that wonderfully relaxing message and TLC! I was so relaxed and slept great and a little healed as of today... See you soon!" KG

"As an experienced bodyworker I am very careful about placing myself in other bodyworker's hands. I feel at ease with Jenn because of her exquisite sense of touch, her deep compassionate listening, and her ability to address my specific needs. I strongly recommend Jenn to anyone who is interested in a high quality massage."
-Neil Meisel, Certified Advanced Rolfer
Co-Director of the Awareness Center

"My experience with Jennifer has been amazing!  After years of taking care of everyone but myself, I began experiencing various ailments throughout my body including tingling, numbness, and achiness. I also had unrelenting IBS symptoms that were debilitating. I began massage appointments and have experienced almost immediate improvement! The tingling hands I had for 6 years were gone within two massage sessions. To address the IBS issues, Jennifer gave me an abdominal message which entirely alleviated my symptoms within a 12 hour timespan. I am very happy I tried out The Zen Den and recommend it to others!" -E.H.